Sonntag, 17. März 2013

#5 Time Out

Sorry for being away AGAIN! I took a little time out of the city life and went to Sweden for a week. Part of my family came with me and I can say, it mostly was a very manly vacation. My dad, my brother and me managed to burn noodles while cooking them (A lot of weird stuff usually happens to me, but this was my highlight!), we had to chop wood in order to get the house warm (when we arrived, I could see my breath!) and we ate half baked pizza because the oven wouldn't heat up (Yummy!)...
The weather was everything from snowy to sunny, from fucking cold to nicely warm.
We were in the middle of the forest so there wasn't much going on. Everyday we went outside; Either we just walked around in the woods or we'd leave this cozy place and went to "bigger" cities which are still so cute compared to Berlin or London.
I took a few pictures and there are more to follow when my dad gives me the ones he took.
Hope you enjoy!

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